Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weeks of October 13 & October 20, 2007

Schedule: On Sunday, October 14th, I met with some Cub Scouts at the Capitol. On Monday, October 15th, Rep. Ozment, MPCA Commissioner Brad Moore, several PCA staffers, and I visited a construction and demolition debris recycling facility in Minneapolis. On Tuesday, October 16th, I attended a Freedom to Breathe Happy Hour hosted by the Ramsey County Smoke-Free Coalition at a local bar. On Wednesday, October 17th, I met with several House colleagues and research staff on solid waste and drinking water issues. On Sunday, October 21nd to Monday, October 22nd I attended a Midwest Environmental Health Workshop convened by the National Conference of Environmental Legislators (NCEL) in Iowa City. The mileage and one night hotel stay are being covered by a scholarship from the NCEL. It was a five and half hour drive each way in my wife's hybrid car! Topics included radon, mercury, and PCBs. On Tuesday, October 23rd in the morning, I attended the U of M's annual water conference in Brooklyn Park to learn more science on drinking water. In the afternoon, I attended the Recycling Association of Minnesota's annual conference, where Rep. Sailer and I presented on legislative issues. On Tuesday, October 24th, Senator Rummel and I met with Secretary of State Ritchie and the Executive Director of the State Investment Board about a constituent idea to divest the state's investment in any companies doing business in Iran. I had to join the meeting by phone because I was just diagnosed with corneal erosion in my right eye--the outer cells on the eye are coming loose and it's really painful! The eye doctor told me to avoid driving while the eye has time to heal. On Thursday, October 25th, Senator Rummel and I attended a two-hour program in Blaine on how local governments can fund transportation projects. I also attended a short program in Shoreview on the basics of tax increment financing. On Saturday, October 27, I attended the Centennial Area Education Foundation dinner in Lino Lakes.

On Thursday, October 18th, I met with a job seeker; a developmentally disabled Shoreview resident and nonprofit advocate; representatives of the Minnesota Well Water Association about drinking water; and staff from the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board about drinking water. On Friday, October 27th, I met with a House researcher on health care budget items.

Constituent contacts
: Circle Pines resident copying me on correspondence to Congress about postal delivery problem; Lino Lakes resident about visiting the Capitol; Circle Pines resident about MFIP program (Minnesota Family Investment Program); Shoreview resident against poor service on bus route 262 in Shoreview; Lino Lakes resident about that city's charter commission; a constituent who survived the bridge collapse and spouse about how the state will respond to financial needs of victims; Circle Pines resident supporting toll lanes or roads as a part of a comprehensive transportation solution; North Oaks resident commenting on MPCA's response on Highway 96 landfill issue; Circle Pines resident about social security problem; Circle Pines resident about recycling issue; Circle Pines couple supporting single-payer health care; Lino Lakes resident supporting increased funding from the state for K-12 education to make districts less reliant on levies; Shoreview resident supporting educational testing and apprehensive about legislative proposals for disaster victims; Shoreview resident about water management organizations and watershed districts; Shoreview resident supporting recent smoking ban and bike trail repair