Thursday, September 6, 2007

Week of September 2, 2007

We continue to wait and see if the Governor will call a special session. The proposals change daily! In the meantime, here's what and who is coming through my office.

Visitors: lobbyist and staff from North Metro Mayors Association (NMMA) and I-35W Coalition supporting local government aid to suburban cities and supporting a comprehensive transportation funding plan; staff from MN Center for Environmental Advocacy discussing groundwater pollution issues; lobbyists for Municipal Legislative Commission (MLC) and Suburban Transit Association discussing transportation and transit (readers: the NMMA includes Circle Pines and the MLC includes Shoreview; their platforms vary); CentrePoint Energy lobbyist and staff updating me on relevant issues

Constituent contacts: Five residents in favor of constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage; Lino Lakes resident concerned about use of social security numbers by insurance companies; Shoreview resident against an increase in the gas tax; Shoreview resident in favor of an increase in the gas tax; Shoreview resident favoring tougher penalties for adults who leave children in the car and against female genital mutilation; district resident calling me a "party stooge"; Lino Lakes resident against increased spending and for tax cuts